Double Bubble Slot

If you have seen some of the Carry On films, then we think you are going to enjoy the tongue in cheek theme that is attached to the Double Bubble slot game. It comes with a very easy to understand playing structure on which you can put into play up to 20 paylines on many different stake levels.

One thing worthy of note when playing this slot game is that as it does offer playing a set of free spins, which by the way are triggered in the usual way, that being by a set of scatter symbols spinning in, the best way to play it to have the maximum winning chances is to play all 20 of its pay lines!

Dr Love

The star of the slot is the rampant Doctor Love for not only will you will a very large base game jackpot when all five of his character reel symbols spin in onto any payline, but you will also find his unique character reel symbol is a wild symbol. So whenever one of those symbols spins in there is going to be the chance it will stand in for the other reel symbols and could help you complete one or more winning combinations.

Double Up Gamble Game – By successfully spinning in at least one winning combination on the base game all players of the Doctor Love slot will be given the option of trying to increase the value of that payout by taking a playing card based guessing game. If you choose to take the gamble game you can quadruple the winning payout spun in by guessing the suit of a playing card or can double its value by guessing the colour of that playing card!

Doctor Wild Symbol – One or more Doctor wild symbols spinning in from left to right on activated paylines will award a winning payout to you when you are playing the Doctor Love slot game. However as those symbols are wild they will also stand in for all other reel symbols in play on this slot games five video reels. The only reel symbols they will not stand in for are the scatter symbols, so look out for the wilds spinning in as lots of winning combinations could be formed when they do!

5000 Coin Jackpot – The Doctor Love slot game has a 5000 coin jackpot on offer which can be won via the base game. Five Wild Doctor symbols spinning in on an activated payline will award you with that 5000 coin jackpot. Be aware that each additional coin that you wager on the paylines will increase the jackpot on offer on this Doctor Love slot by another 5000 coins!

Free Spins – As with most video slot games if you do decide to give the Doctor Love some play time you are going to be able to trigger a bonus game, and the bonus game on offer on this very colourful slot game is a set of free spins. To get to play them off you need to have three or more of the scatter symbols spinning in.

The scatter symbols on the Doctor Love slot game are the Love Meter reel symbols and when you spin in three of them 10 free spins are awarded to you, four of those scatter symbols spinning in will award you with 15 free spins and 20 free spins are awarded for all five Love Meter scatter symbols spinning in, all payouts achieved during the bonus game are tripled in value.

Payout Percentage – In case you are wondering the Doctor Love has a high payout percentage of some 95.04%!

Three Reasons to Concentrate on the Forex Market Closely

The Pound found itself at the lowest rate in four months against Euro and the US Dollar. This occurred when the inflation rate was announced. It was more than expected. This is likely to keep the currency stagnant as the Bank of England (BOE) is unlikely to increase the interest rate.

123 three-dimensional numbersIt was expected that BOE would be the first among the advanced economies to increase interest rate. The Governor, however, is reluctant to do so, on grounds of excess capacity of wage and labour. The upcoming MPC meeting is going to be crucial for the same reason.

According to David Holmes from Forex Bonus, to ensure volatility the forex needs a consolidated policy from the big seven economies. This year saw an efficient strategy that contained the risk due to the political unrest created by Russia, Ukraine, Syria and Gaza. Many are of the opinion that the Federal Reserve’s zero rate policy will create yet another asset bubble like that of 2008. This bubble might burst again causing a disaster for the economy.

There are three things that investors will keenly watch out for: various reports on inflation formed by policymakers, the minutes of the meeting of the central bank and Janet Yellen’s speech to be given at the economic symposium.

The First Factor

The inflation in the UK was expected to fall this month, but the result has been better than expected. No one expected this drop in inflation. This gives BOE the opportunity to keep interest rates unchanged.

Investors should feel comfortable due to this fact. The rate of inflation notably fell from 1.9% to 1.6%. Meanwhile, the GBP is at its lowest point in four months. The market, however, will very keenly focus on the meeting that is supposed to happen tomorrow.

It remains to be seen whether any of the nine economies will jump the gun by increasing the rate of interest. The lack in growth of wage will perhaps be the point of consensus.

Bear Necessities

The European investors were trading at gains as per the analyst after tracking the Wall Street movement. Although there has been no fresh news of Russia-Ukraine scenario, the market still remains delicate nevertheless.

However, no worse movement is ensuring that there is room for some risk trading at the European stock markets. There is no probable cause that is likely to affect the market to take the Euro further down. That being said, every investor will be keenly following the Jackson Hole symposium before investing further.

The Aussies Likely to Hold Ground

Investors who take interest in the AUD currency and get financed in the Euro will find relief from the Central Bank of Australia. Governor Stevens clearly indicated that the bank is not going to increase interest rates and that it will be on hold for quite some time in the future.

The most frequent investors prediction remains that the next interest hikes is only likely by the mid of the year 2015. This can only happen on account of increase in unemployment and a weaker commodity.

Distance Learning vs. Full-time Courses

Distance learning is more like virtual learning, where one can learn from the comfort of their surrounding without compromising on the quality. This kind of education is in demand due to a number of reasons-convenience of completing it any time, and attending college not required among others.

distance learning vs. full time

Distance learning has three main mediums-audio-based, video-based and Internet-based. There are many advantages as well as disadvantages in this type of learning. Let’s have a look at them.


  • Strategise Time in Your Own Way: You can learn in your own way, and study the material given to you in distance learning. The students have a lot of time to grasp all information as well as understand the study material.
  • Economical: As the costs involving with lodging, shifting, living alone in another city, for example are eliminated, these courses become quite economical.
  • Learning While Working: Distance learning is great for people who are unable to quit their jobs, but want to complete their education or study further.
  • Study from Home: This type of learning provides a perfect setting of staying home and studying. It is extremely useful for mature students who also have to shoulder the responsibilities of their family.
  • No Rigidity: You will have a very flexible schedule.


While distance learning is quite advantageous, it does come with its own set of disadvantages as well.

  • Missing Company: Though there is the fact of being in contact with top tutors and also students to converse with on the web at click of your fingers, but if you’re used to classroom learning, this may seem a bit awkward at first.
  • Falling Short: Distance learning needs self-motivation. If you’re not self-motivated enough, chances are that you may not give it the adequate time needed.

Full-time Courses

As the name indicates, full-time courses refer to the ones where students need to attend college, sit in lectures, and submit projects as and when required. This is the more traditional way of completing education. More often than not, students with a full-time degree have a competitive edge over those who have acquired distance learning degrees.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to do a graduate or a post-graduate degree; UK has a number of colleges that you can apply to. While certain prestigious colleges except nothing less than the best, there are a lot of other colleges that you can complete your course from. Not everyone has to be a Harvard or an Oxford graduate.

Some of the pros and cons of full-time courses are listed below.

Pros of Full-time Courses

As compared to distance learning courses, the full-time courses have a lot of options to choose from. So, if you’re looking to major in a subject that is not commonly available in all colleges, there are more chances that you’ll find it in a full-time course as against a distance learning course.

Another major advantage of a full-time course is the opportunity to network and connect with like-minded individuals. When you’re taking a full-time course, attending college or partnering up with somebody for projects is quite common.

Cons of Full-time Courses

While full-time courses are quite advantageous, one of its major drawbacks remain of them being quite expensive. Hence, a lot of people who can’t afford doing a full-time course either end up leaving it mid-way or quit studying completely.

However, there are scholarships, funding programmes, and maintenance loans offered by certain colleges for certain courses. In case the course that you want to pursue is being offered in colleges that also offer scholarships, then you can take advantage of those, and complete your graduation and post-graduation as well.

How to Become a Sonographer

There is a great shortage of sonographers in various medical establishments in the UK. There exists a lot of opportunity in the field of sonography. Not only will you be making a difference to someone’s life, but the pay and perks also involved with the job are equally good. If you want to pursue a career in sonography, this article will help you greatly before taking the final plunge.

Diagnostics of pregnancy

Diagnostics of pregnancy


To become a sonographer in the UK, you will need a first degree or professional degree. The degree is awarded in the field of medical ultrasound. To get a job in any hospitals, you need to have at least two years of experience in the field of radiography.

Training in the UK

To be a sonographer you need to have a postgraduate degree. It is mandatory to have a healthcare background to apply for this course. The course is overseen by a professional body known as the CASE.

The typical time span of a sonography class varies in the range of 12 to 18 months. A degree in radiography will ensure that you get a smooth entry into a good college. If you are already in the healthcare profession then you are lucky. CASE in 2009 declared that it would launch short but focused courses to help professionals get firsthand knowledge of sonography. These courses are accredited.

Credits Necessary

Sonography is taught in more than 18 colleges in the UK. Getting an entry into a college is therefore not easy. There are limited seats and you need to fare well in your under graduation to stand a chance for admission. Some work experience will definitely make your case stronger in front of the admission officer.

Clinical Placement

One tough aspect of being a sonographer is the fact that you need to have clinical training during your study. Often it is difficult to get a clinical placement. The placements are mostly done by the college authorities and various health boards. It therefore, becomes very easy for existing professionals to pursue this course. Before choosing a college, ensure that their track record of placing students is very good.

How to Get Employment

If you have the necessary qualifications, you can directly apply to a potential recruiter. To apply for a job in the UK you need to have an accredited degree from any one of the following bodies.

  1. EU
  2. EEA
  3. Switzerland

If you hold a degree that is not awarded by any one of the above bodies, you’ll need to convince your employer that your skill sets are in line with the sonography requirement of a particular medical establishment. It is a good idea to join the SCoR, not a mandate though.

SCoR association helps to get a number of advantages such as applying to a number of jobs and continuously update your skills among others. However, it should be kept in mind that the former is neither an employer nor an agency.


Sonography is not a profession, which is regulated by any authorities or body. It is therefore not necessary for a sonographer to get associated with any regulated or statutory body. The SCoR fully supports hospitals when they hire sonographers without any legal or statutory degree.

That being said, a lot of preference is given to sonographers who have a degree from a statutory body such as the HPC or the NMC. The SCoR has further requested the HPC to make sonography a profession which is regulated. So, it is expected that getting entry into a sonography course is not going to be easy in the days to come.